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Who is dating kellan lutz

So, hypothetically speaking, if you were single, what quality do you look for/love most in a woman?

KL: "Her love for life." Cosmo: And what's a quality that you really don't like in a woman, and why?

When your abs literally look like they're etched into your torso, you best believe Cosmo wants a one-on-one—interview, that is.

star Kellan Lutz has revealed he has married girlfriend Brittany Gonzales. The 32-year-old actor wrote: "Thanksgiving by far is my most favourite holiday of all.KL: "Sarcasm, selfishness, and being a terrible communicator." Cosmo: On the communication front, are you a big texter or do you like to call?KL: "I'm big on communication, but since I travel a lot for work I have to try even harder to make it feel like I'm together with a loved one. I mean, I think marriage is one of the coolest things, but it's been evolving quite a bit.Speaking of board shorts and surfing, your body is ridic. [Specifically though] in my career I focus on action, so I like doing muay tai, jui jitsu, and boxing with the 87 eleven stunt guys in Marina del Rey—these guys are all ninjas, so as I'm exercising, I'm also being educated on new techniques that I can implement in future roles, which is good." Cosmo: Staying on the subject of swimwear, do you prefer a one- or two-piece on a woman?KL: "I love two-pieces, but I like when there is a sundress or a sheer cover up over it.

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We've been travelling to different places, just like when I'm working. We love sunsets, so we obviously have to be on the western side to see it. It’s not easy to find a Western facing beach that's right!