Ways to a positive dating relationships

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Ways to a positive dating relationships

Late one night, a woman looked out of her apartment window with the unsettling feeling that the rest of her life would be spent alone. But after setups and short-lived relationships, she felt like she had run dry of potential men to date, much less marry. In this moment of despair, it felt like the chance to fulfill her deepest desires had escaped her.

This woman was my mom many years ago, although it sounds a lot like me.

During her single years, my mom dabbled in aerobics, tennis, ballet, and needlepoint, all for the first time. ”My mom stresses that women be proactive in meeting men—not necessarily the advice we want to hear, but she has a valid point. Before that, my mom went on many blind dates thanks to her matchmaking sisters.

She enrolled in an art history class where she discovered one of her greatest loves, the Impressionism art movement. Her suggestion to women who wonder where all of the good guys are: Rely on friends and relatives for introductions.

When single, my mom prioritized time with her family, never missing weekly Sunday gatherings.

Before my mom had children of her own, she served as a second mother to her many nieces and nephews.

Her lessons, which come with experience and age, remind me to not worry so much about dating that I lose sight of the present.

Staying engaged in life is important for emotional well-being and gives us a purpose.”Let’s not mistake marriage for the only viable relationship we need in our lives.

Even married women attest that marriage alone will not fulfill every desire of our hearts.

“Sometimes people who live alone can become self-absorbed.

Volunteering takes the focus off ourselves, and it’s gratifying to help those who are in need.

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Here are lessons from my mom that have helped me stay positive through singlehood, and I hope they encourage you, too.“I had a full life before and after marriage, in different ways,” my mom says. She made the most of her time when single, and not much changed after the altar. If we draw lines between the two stages of our lives, we may mistakenly believe that our “best years” are only found in one phase or the other.

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