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Sex dates dusseldorf

This is the ‘tolerance zone’ where prostitution is legal and has been since 2002.There are actually plenty of areas around town where selling sex is legal, but this is the only one where street prostitutes are technically allowed to work.The best areas of town to stay would be either in Chapinero or in the Zona Rosa.These two areas are both very close to each other only separated by a roughly 10 minute drive on Carrera 11.There is even a red light district called the tolerance zone where street prostitution is totally legal.This is where you can go to find cheap sex, or there also some nice chica nightclubs which are brothels as well.

In short if you want to get laid here that won’t be a problem if you have a little cash.Outside of trying to limit your time when walking on the streets the other thing you need to be wary of is leaving your drinks unattended.Slipping drugs into peoples drinks and then robbing them is a pretty big problem in this country.Then stay between 16a in the west and 15th in the east.The further you get out of this safe zone the more likely you are to run into trouble, and of course foreign men will be a prime target.

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Try to limit your time walking on the street, especially at night.

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