Sasha and alexander sytycd dating

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Sasha and alexander sytycd dating

list=ULJVs Yn Iw H-Vg&t=74Slightly martial-arts-ish. I know what he's capable of from RU1tv, so I'm rooting for him. I looove the wildness and unhingedness she's expressing here. The only kid they featured this season and she's right up there with the best. v=Yvw GNj Ra UK8Safar / 21 / Contemporary / Duc? Not sure what the significance of doing that is, though, since the team won't be formed until next week, apart from the judges checking the contestants' preferences for one particular team. list=ULl B79Xz5n Ec0&t=68Turns out there are more contestants than shirts. Instead of choosing a Top 24 like it was intended for Season 1 and 2 the live-shows will start off with 33 contestants which will get cut down to a Top 20 and sorted into two teams after the first week, with each team presumably consisting of five female and five male contestants.

It kind of reminds me of Vanya Mozhaykin from the second season who also got a make-over from regular dude to smooth-skinned guy who could easily fit into a boyband. Classy and elegant with some risky tricks in-between. Is Teo transforming into heart-throb material right in front of our eyes? Lol at Tatiana acting like she's super surprised by his skills. I'm absolutely speechless, that was beautiful beyond words. Oh hey, she auditioned for SYTYCD Ukraine last season! Her audition, the little that they showed of her Callbacks performances and, again, this duet of hers have been working against her so far in any case. He will always be remembered as the boat guy though. Well, Im willing to give her the benefit of doubt since she seems like a pretty sweet girl (emphasis on pretty face) and perhaps the judges know more than than they let on. Probably the most unique thing I've seen during auditions. Well, who doesnt like some goth angels once in a while. People have been speculating that Svetlana has been chosen for the sole purpose of being canon fodder or, alternatively, driving people to vote for their actual favorites in order to get her eliminated, based on the fact that she seems to be universally disliked on social media platforms.

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Also, who wouldnt appreciate seeing Stanislav all royal and handsome. Dima really couldnt have gotten a more suitable pair of dancers to execute his choreography, Dimitry Schebet proved that he is an incredibly versatile B-Boy years ago on SYTYCD Ukraines sixth season and Keyko Li can be easily described as the shining star of RU1t last year.