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Internet service company Dyn, which controls the 'address book' of the internet for dozens of major companies, said that it had suffered its first denial of service (DDo S) attack shortly after 6AM ET (11AM BST), in an attack that mostly affected the east coast of the US.It confirmed a second attack at 1PM ET, which appeared to be centered on UK servers, and later said 'several' attacks were underway on servers across the globe, with the west coast being particularly badly hit.The cyber attack meant that millions of internet users could not access the websites of major online companies such as Netflix and Reddit as well as the crafts marketplace Etsy and the software developer site Github, according to media reports.Internet users across the globe were hit throughout the day as 'several' massive cyber attacks hit a DNS service provider.

'This attack highlights how critical DNS is to maintaining a stable and secure internet presence, and that the DDOS mitigation processes businesses have in place are just as relevant to their DNS service as it is to the web servers and datacentres.' Dyn is a Manchester, New Hampshire-based provider of Internet infrastructure services, including managing DNS activity that connects a user to a website's servers.The Democratic White House hopeful's campaign has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the messages but accused Russia of being behind the hacking attack in an effort to tilt the presidential election in favor of Republican nominee Donald Trump.The former secretary of state had refused to release the transcripts, a move that caused significant problems in her primary battle against Bernie Sanders, who accused her of being too cozy with Wall Street.It is capable of using ‘internet of things’ (Io T) devices, such as the plethora of smart home gadgets, which can be used to bombard websites with requests, overloading them and effectively shutting them down.'We're seeing attacks coming from an Internet of Things botnet that we identified called Mirai, also involved in this attack,' Dale Drew, chief security officer at Level 3 Communications, said on a livestream on Friday afternoon.

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Twitter users said it was 'shocking' how many websites were affected by the attack'Unfortunately, DNS is a foundation technology for the internet that allows people to connect to internet resources with human names rather than IP addresses (think of them as internet phone numbers), and when its vulnerabilities are exploited attackers can do a lot of damage – computers don't know which 'phone number' to call when you want to connect to a particular site, like Hacker News.

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