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Around the 1900s, Schweppes began advertising on a more frequent basis, using different visuals to support its range of high quality products.

Schweppes receives the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for its iconic soda water at the Paris Universal Exhibition.

After 10 years of experimenting Jacob Schweppe invented the first industrial process to capture and bottle bubbles (the process of carbonation).

His invention , Schweppe’s Soda Water was an immediate success and was endorsed by leading doctors and sold (mainly in pharmacies) as a treatment for a variety of ailments.

Due to the war and the subsequent concentration scheme Schweppes (and all its competitors) were rationed, and even disappeared from the market; by abandoning individual labels. The consumers had to be reassured that one day their established favourite would be back, and life would return to normal. Schweppshire was that wonderful thing – brilliant individual advertisements that built up to a long running campaign.

In the United States though, Commander Whitehead came along.

By founding Schweppes in 1783 in Geneva, he founded the modern industry of soft drinks as the creator of the bubble.

On returning home, they continued this practice and the drink became popular in the UK.Ultimately creating Russchian – a mysterioulsy rich blend offering a bouquet of berries, herbaceous notes and hints of the authentic bitter sweetness. In 1998, the famous Clive campaigns are launched: The world discovered Clive the Leopard’s fur.By showing this traditional emblem of England, symbolising pride, competence, and strength, Schweppes proclaimed its return to origins and amazed everybody.In the roaring 20s the business continues to expand both at home and abroad.During this period of brand growth, Schweppes kept informing its customers about its products, using sophisticated and stylish advertisements to promote the brand making use of an attractive advertising tool; pin-ups!

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