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Hummel dating marks

Germany 1990-1999 has c copyright by G in Goebal Germany & Bee HI again LB, I was unable to get more information on the mark, but I gathered that it's not a strange mark as most hummel from that period have the same mark.

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The Friar Tuck series were not based on drawings by Sister M. Both ceramic lines are made by the Goebel company, but the Friar Tuck series collectibles should not be confused with Hummel figurines.

What to Look For These popular figurines in the form of young and old monks are quite valuable objects when collected in complete or full sets as well as when amassed as individual pieces.

Sure, you know the 5C’s for diamonds, but what are they not telling you?

Read the secrets about cut, carat weight, and color grades that affect the value and appraisals of diamonds.

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When understanding pottery marks, don't be confused by the standard Goebel mark on Friar Tuck figurines.