Etc portage package unmask needs updating george pace rules for dating

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Etc portage package unmask needs updating

I still don't quite understand what's changed that makes them (seemingly) so much more prevalent than they used to be.If I ever learn what's up, I'll make a note of it here. This forum post and this gentoo bug tell the sordid tale, which I won't bother repeating.

Here's how: Which will subsequently detect missing qt dependencies and re-emerge the stuff you just removed, only this time with the shiny new version numbers.Unrelatedly, as of 20100131, the gentoo overlords have removed lib, saying thus: Eselect-opengl package now strips the lib file.This file was broken andthus we proceeded with its removal. After emerging the new version =app-admin/eselect-opengl-1.1.1-r2 pleaseemerge one more package dev-util/lafilefixer and use it for fixing all variouscompilation issues by running as root:# lafilefixer --justfixit Note that not-running this command will bring you compilation issues so youshould really pay attention to this message and act upon it.Basically, Gentoo now maintains a (comprehensive) list of licenses with which any given portage package might be associated.And portage treats the licenses as opt-in, meaning that it doesn't presume that you're willing to accept them.

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At any rate, removal of the buggered directory allowed for successful re-emerging of the package, and I was off and running.