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These were often worn year round as they made wearing the helmet more comfortable.

General Taylor, commander of the 101st, hated the Jeep Cap with a passion and would give soldiers – and their immediate superiors – a raving criticism about wearing the cap.

I will grant you that for the most part they’re built very well and there are tons of them still around, easily found in internet auction sites, antique stores, and grand parent’s bathrooms.

But–speaking for myself–there are just too many unknowns about the true mechanical condition of a vintage razor for me to be confortable with recommending them to someone just getting into traditional shaving with a DE.

It was stored above the suspension of the helmet when not used. I never use the liner’s chinstrap.) Two snaps located in the liner allow the helmet’s web chinstrap to be fastened together, so they don’t come apart.

1941 Knit Cap, OD Wool The infamous “Jeep Cap.” (People often relate this cap to Radar O’Reilly from M*A*S*H.) These were a standard issue item – everyone got one, whether you were a private or a Colonel.

1938 Riding Gloves These leather gloves (originals were made of horsehide) were originally a cavalry riding glove.

Colours ranged from khaki to olive drab to navy blue. ) This pullover belonged to my cousin Max O’Dell who served in the U. (You’re welcome.) Stamped US and in hot climates it was sometimes worn under the field coat all by itself, rather than under a wool flannel service shirt.The seam of the binding is in the back, dating the actual helmet shell to November of 1943, when the seam was in the front before that time.But the M2 had fixed “D” bails that snapped off if dropped.I have shaved with a Super Speed from 1954 and another from 1960 and I could detect a definite difference, with the ’54 being noticably smoother. You can see a list of codes, along with some other notes and information, HERE.Schick Krona Though Schick was mainly known for their Injector razor, they also produced a DE razor from 1959 through 1965, the Krona.

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It is made of 32-ounce weight wool (my Civil War greatcoat is 21-ounce, so this is considerably heavier.) The coat’s tag states it was made “January 5, 1945” and came from the Philadelphia Quartermaster’s Depot.