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Dating ancient textiles

Responding to the criticism, Ms Larsson told The Independent that the finds were 'no doubt from the Viking age'.'They are found in several of the Birka graves and Viking Age boatgraves north of Gamla Uppsala.

The geometrical Kufi is also to be found in similar textile ribbons from Spain', she said.'Even if the characters should be interpreted as 'Illah' it is still Kufic, and as I have understood from the Arabic experts it still refers to 'Allah'.'Mail Online has contacted Ms Larsson for comment.

Kufic characters were found during the Viking Age in mosaics on burial monuments and mausoleums in Central Asia.

Similar text has allegedly been found on grave costumes uncovered inside chamber graves at sites such as Birka as well as in boatgraves in the Gamla Uppsala area'In the Quran, it is written that the inhabitants of Paradise will wear garments of silk, which along with the text band's inscriptions may explain the widespread occurrence of silk in Viking Age graves.'The findings are equally prevalent in both men's and women's graves.' This is not the first time that a Viking artefact has claimed to have links to Islam.

Ancient texts mention trades taking place between the Vikings and members of the Islamic civilisation, which stretched from the Mediterranean to West Asia.

Dr Mulder claimed that it was a style called square Kufic' that is 'common in Iran, C.

Asia on architecture after 15th century'.'Let's assume there are 10th century Central Asian textiles with square Kufic.

As well as Allah, Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was also mentioned in the text, they claimed.

However, Dr Mulder took to Twitter to criticise their findings, claiming that it was a style called square Kufic' that is 'common in Iran, C.

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