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This helps facilitate smooth air flow, which makes for a slightly more efficient (louder) port. It isn't going to ruin the sound of your woofer(s).The 45's are there to simply aid the people who can make those cuts, in order to help them get the most out of the design. With most pre-fab boxes, and even some custom boxes, you don't get any bracing.And who wants their subs to fall on their face when trying to pump out a 30hz note? Because of this, I tune my standard box designs at 33hz and use a generous amount of port area to beef up the low-end response.

I've found that tuning in that area is what the average listener is going to want.I have had literally hundreds of customers and have had zero complaints.I thoroughly enjoy helping others with their audio needs, and I believe that it shows with how I treat my customers and the amount of effort I put into my boxes.It is highly recommended that you follow these tips when building your box.Using the correct materials for your enclosure will make it sturdier, sound better, and most importantly, give it a clean, professional look.

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It gives you good output without sacrificing low-end extension.